Beacon Point
 Beacon woods East  Villages 16/17

 Beacon Woods East Villages 16/17


This website has been created for the Homeowners of Beacon Woods East, Villages 16/17 (Beacon Point).  Through this site you will be able to find news and activities plus have access to forms and documents.  You can also contact Management and Associates for copies of our forms and documents (813-433-2000). Katy Ricabal, Property Manager  813-433-2000 ext 2025  

Through Email or Telephone  (Email is preferred method of contact)

For SERVICE REQUESTS contact Rick Limbert at Management and Associates.,  877-626-2435 

For all other issues, contact Katy Ricabal, Property  Manager,, telephone 813-433-2000 x 2025

Mail:  Management and Associates, 720 Brooker Creek Blvd #206, Oldsmar, FL 34677

         Identify our HOA which is officially: Beacon Woods East Villages 16/17


Board of Directors  President Chuck Poppelreiter  727-819-3228 Vice President Brenda Silvia 401-256-4356_Secretary Donna Gudavich 727-267-7427 Treasurer Joe Carbone 727-808-5509 Lydia Vannucchi 727-992-3842 _____________________________________________

Architectural Review Committee:

Chairperson John Gudavich  727-267-2572 // Joe Carbone 727-808-5509 

You can email Change Request Forms to John Gudavich;                                                            _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Pool Committee:     Dolores Torres 727-861-2145;  Pete Morris  727-857-4791; Joan Mellarkey 570-479-1913;

      Joe Carbone 727-808-5509

 President: Jane Gradl 727-861-1666
Treasurer: Dolores Torres 727 861-2145
Secretary: Jean Lawrence 727-863-5511

STREET REPS (deliver newsletter)

Aqua Clara and Roller Lane: Dolores Torres: 727-861-2145
Whitecap Ave: Jean Lawrence: 727-863-5511 

WELCOMING COMMITTEE Catherine Balkin 727 378-4191 Dolores Torres 727 -861-2145

NEWSLETTER   Donna Gudavich  727-267-7427