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Beacon Point

 Beacon Woods East Villages 16/17


Happy New Year !! From you Board of Directors. President Joe Carbone 727-808-5509// Vice President Donna Gudavich 727-861-0745 // Secretary Ken Schafer 727-862-2060 // Treasurer Dave Nelson 727-860-6181 / Lydia Vannucchi 727-868-8008
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Flood Insurance Reductions

Posted by on September 3, 2018 at 5:50 AM Comments comments (2)
FEMA has informed us that our flood zone will change in about 18 months. Those who have flood insurance will pay less because we will get a preferred rate. September 2018.


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01/29/2019 FINE AND SUSPENSION REVIEW COMMITTEE: John Donnelly 845-325-9035 // Alice Schmitt 727-857-6135 // Barbara Bishop 727-992-3700 // Rudy Schnoor 727-863-3418 // Rex Nelson 727-378-6282 POOL COMMITTEE: Fred Mickel 819-1534 // Dolores Torres 727-861-2145 // Sally Wagner 727-869-7254 // Dave Nelson 727-860-6181 // Vinnie Farrugia 727-862-9749 Welcome Committee: // Dolores Torres 727 -861-2145 Catherine Balkin 727-378-4191 ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE (CHANGE REQUESTS) Gregg Lydting 727-862-8139, John Gudavich 727-861-0745, Dave Nelson 727-860-6181 // Alice Schmitt 727-857-6135 // Barbara Bishop 727-992-3700 ACTIVITY CLUB VOLUNTEERS President: Jane Gradl 727 -867-1666 // Treasurer: Dolores Torres 727 -861--2145 Secretary: Jean Lawrence 7 27 -863-5511 Newsletter: Jean Lawrence, Jane Gradl and Donna Gudavich STREET REPS (deliver newsletter) Aqua Clara and Roller Lane: Dolores Torres: 727 -861-2145 Shoal Drive: Nancy Boardley: 727-233-6764 Whitecap Ave: Jean Lawrence: 727-863-551

Trash Pick Up

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Trash pick up is early on Tuesdays and Fridays. The rule is to place it out for pickup in the morning, not the evening before. This is to avoid animals from breaking into garbage bags and dragging the contents around the neighborhood. Living next to a preserve means that we have many raccoons and other creatures looking for a meal at night. You should also use sturdy trash cans/containers not just plastic garbage bags. We have multiple complaints from residents regarding this issue. Lets all help to keep the neighborhood looking good! Thank you for your cooperation.Joe Carbone, HOA President, January 13, 2018.

New Home Owner's Guide is now on our Website

Posted by on November 14, 2014 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (3)

The BEACON POINT HOME OWNER's GUIDE: is designed to help you understand the rules of this Deed Restricted Community. These rules are in place to protect your property values and keep Beacon Point a desirable neighborhood in which to live.


This is an abridged version of many of the rules which are contained in the Master Association documents, the Beacon Woods East Villages 16/17 Declaration of Covenants and By-Laws, and those established by the Board of Directors. The State of Florida Statutes and Pasco County regulations also need to be followed (permits, codes, pet licensing & care, etc.). This booklet is for resident use only. Replacements are available for a fee or can be copied from our website.


Recurring Events

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We have a number of scheduled activities throughout the year plus special outings & events:

1. The Activity Group Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at the pool (weather permitting) or at a home.

2. Cards are played each Monday from 1PM to 4PM rotating at the homes of players (Canasta or Samba).

3. Water Aerobics are held at 10 AM at our heated pool every Monday, Wednesday and Friday beginning in April and ending the last week in October.

4. The Book Club meets monthly at various locations.

5.Our Annual Garage Sale is normally held on a Saturday in October and the person chairing that event is published in our newsletter one to two months in advance of the date